Friday, 28 September 2012

Timeshare scam king 'discloses' customer contact details to gold investment scam king

I am talking about victims of Cours Montreux International, i-Discover International, Discovery VIII International and Crown Holiday Exchange name lists being 'sold' to Lee Song Teck by Jerry Tan Kim Huat. 

Oh yea, you hear it first from me and this is no BS because I hold the evidences. 

Next, I am suspecting the same fate for the new customers from Star Privileges and Lifestyle Pacific International. Perhaps even to old customers from Emperor Travel.

Now that the new scam set up - The Discovery Group, is under CASE's consumer alert list, Jerry Tan Kim Huat and Lee Song Teck have been cracking their brains. Oh ho ho ho.....they are now using another of Lee Song Teck's companies to scam scam scam victims with their gold investment scheme.

And so, I wish to warn all you people out there..... *drum roll*........

The name of this company now harassing the public is called  Asia Pacific Bullion Pte Ltd (201203007R). It is said to be owned by Lee Song Teck, but I will verify that later. And guess what? Operating from the same address as The Discovery Group. See how the pieces of info are now coming into place to reveal a syndicate??

And better still, Asia Pacific Bullion is also on MAS Investor Alert List. Same s*** happening with The Gold Guarantee Singapore. Why? Cos they are all operated by scam kings. Timeshare king colluding with gold investment scam king. Singapore biggest scam kings la! ****TWO THUMBS UP****  Click to refer to my earlier post for more info

So people, you will be getting calls from a company called AP Services, operating from Key Point. Their callers are on blocked numbers, the same unscrupulous tactic from all Jerry Tan & Co. Emperor Travel days.

My friend received the call. Preparing to bring them down.

ps- How to tell the same people doing the same s***? Too plain obvious la from here:

pps -  Sorry Mr Lee Song Teck for dragging your name down. Because you are now connected to Mr Jerry Tan Kim Huat, it leaves me no choice but to warn the public. I have been tracking Mr Tan since December 2011 and I have evidences in hand that points to his fraudulent activity for the longest time. And you, are deploying very similar tactics. To sum up, I deduce with the law of attraction. It's not a good thing you are hanging around with Mr Tan. 


  1. Could you enlighten me with the product they deal with? I know of i-discover coz I had a membership with them before. Yet again I was called up by a private line and I am doing my due diligence before heading down. They are dealing with different products I assume.


  2. U r rite, I have been receiving calls from funny2 numbers beside private nos
    Some numbers to take note:

  3. I just got a called from AP Services located at Keypoint telling me that I am 1 of 30 people to be selected to receive vouchers worth hundreds of dollars to buy branded bags and gold. Yea rite! It screamed "SCAM!"

  4. thank you for posting and updating the latest info on these crooks. Thumbs UP !!!!! Keep it up !!!!

  5. If it's already happened, what should I do? Please help! ='(

    1. Sorry I can't help you much. Best you share with No to Courz Montreuxx FB Admin if there is hope for you.

  6. Hello...does anyone heard of Allianz Capital Holdings - who claims that they represent Healthcare organizations in order to recover cash from time-share companies?

    1. Hi,

      I have engaged Allianz Capital to refund my timeshare amount. However, it seems like Allianz Captial is another scam. They will ask you for more $$$ (over 10K SGD) during the claim process.

      Allianz Capital claim that my claim is with Hutchison and Co. When I call up Hutchison company, they reckon that this is a scam.

      If you have engaged them and they are demanding more $ from you, please do not pay. Please report to police on this scam to build a stronger case for the police to capture these swindlers and prevent more Singaporeans falling into the trap.

    2. hi my name is Kelvin hp 97540604 I think we have been scam. can please call me, I need more info from you .thanks

  7. glad I did a search and saw this blog. just went to Sg Precious Metal on their gold investment scheme at The Corporate Office Bldg. Totally caught unaware that I'm going to listen to investment talk. As a lady caller very persistent stating this company is trying to create awareness so no obligation will rec $800 voucher that can be used on their shop that sell branded bags located at keypoint (when i saw the voucher) and a handphone set. declined to state the company name. So I thought is new online retail boutique.

  8. Can someone comment on Inspiro Explorers?
    They managed to get the names of investors of Profitable and offers to bail out these investors.
    But these investors need to cough out more money.
    Promised returns of 10% each year. Backed by gold certificate from the gold guarantee.
    They are managed by same person Lee Song Teck.
    This company is registered in 2012.
    High pressure tactic during the talk.
    Hope people don't get con further.

  9. Was and is still a customer of discovery. Their office called me up in aug12, telling me of the corporate restructuring, then tried to pressure sell me some lease-back plan. Just went to hear what crap they had to say, and sure enough, it is the "pay money to get more money" rubbish.

    For me, once bitten, twice shy. So no way m I gg to get scammed again.

    Lee Song Teck's missing, since early this month. Came out on the papers today. Pity those who got scammed.

    1. It pays to be prudent with your $$$. Check out the companies or forums and you will find some answers. DO NOT commit straight away. I did attend those scam talks but still safe now :) Take care!

  10. Hello All,

    WARNING !!!

    I am one of the many stupid victims that got conned by LEE SONG TECK.

    If you have any package plan to do with LEE SONG TECK exit immediatly if you can. His scam on The Gold Guarantee (TGG) has burst ! He is on the run now. Asia Pacific Bullion (APB) will be next. The Diamond Guarantee is also shut down. I believe TGG Malaysia and Hong Kong will be also the next target. If you are one of the gold bullion Investors in Malaysia and Hong Kong reading my comments now, sellback your gold bars and exit the plan NOW !!!

    Do NOT buy any bailout plans. It is all bullshit. They make your pocket sinks deeper. is he able to roam around freely in Singapore after what happened to I-Discovery ?

  11. Inspiro Explorers is using same tactic.
    Bailed out investors from Profitable Plot.
    Ask to put more money. Then backed by gold certificate by TGG by Lee Song Teck.
    Its going to be useless piece of paper.
    Be warned. DON'T fall further!
    These people are damn heartless!
    High pressure tactic to make you sign on the spot is already a tell tale sign

  12. Visited their IE office during one of the weekends for a bailout plan for profitable plots which I previously invested. Turn out tt you are required to put in some admin fees for the uk land transfer for totalisation and redevelopment.
    Subsequently, one snr agent- Henry recommended To invest in thir sister companys silver investment, Asia Pacific Bullion (APB). Investment is 1.9% annual return for 1st 2 yrs followed by 3.9% for 3rd to so-call recover my losses from Boron. Their investments are in 10k.
    Didn't sign up for it. Sounds dubious to me. I hope that the investers recover their money. Good luck.

  13. Hi, for me I was a ex-timeshare customer (Grand Season International). After years of not using the timeshare, I was contacted by this Emperor Grand company. They promised to rent out my timeshare and I have to pay up a high upfront admin charges (5-figure sum), to offset all future related expenses in the timeshare. For that I get 2 Gold Warrant certificates worth more than twice that amount, from a “trustee in Singapore”, to be gotten back in 5 and 10 years. We signed the service agreement as we were only too happy to be officially ridden of the timeshare. Later we learnt that the “trustee” is actually The Gold Guarantee Pte Ltd (TGG) - yes, the CEO's Lee SOng Teck - and it’s only a member of the Singapore Trustee Association (not a real trustee). Since there’s no exit clause in the agreement, we had no choice but to stick to this.

    Now that Lee Song Teck has disappeared, I contacted my agent from Emperor Grand and they said they will be finding another trustee company to re-issue the Warrants. Sounds like they were also surprised by Lee Song Teck's disappearance. I’m not keeping my hopes high at all.

    Btw, did I mention that Lee Song Teck is also a director of Emperor Grand?

    Lesson learnt: Avoid all pay-upfront schemes at all costs, especially if they involve dubious returns.

    Anyone contacted by the same company / for similar bailout plans? Perhaps we can try to corroborate their stories to see if they are really telling the truth.

    1. Hi, I was a ex-timeshare customer (Grand Season International) too....And I had the Gold Warrant Cert too....Today police call my hubby to be a witness then we shocked to know our
      money is gone....
      You contacted your agent and they promise to get another trustee? So we still got hope to get back our money??

  14. Dear friends, it's me again (stupid victim that got conned by LEE SONG TECK). As I have mentioned on 22 January 2013 20:54, Lee is on the run. Don't buy any of his crap stories. All his staff in TGG were kept in the dark until the final minute. All of them didn't get the last pay cheque and lost their job overnight. I will not be surprise that the management staff of Emperor Grand is now panic. The company's bank account could be zero cents by now. Try to share TGG's story with your agents in Emperor Grand as well as in APB. Ask them to go personally and find out more from the respective accountants (if ever there is one because the accountant of TGG was just a part-timer and a personal friend of Lee !!!). Don't be surprise to find abnormalities going on at the moment. Good luck !

    Before I sign off, I hope our Police and CAD is screening our comments posted here and could take immediate action against such scammers ! Till date, many police reports have been lodged on TGG / LEE SONG TECK but it seems like CAD can't take any action yet because (from what I heard from a fellow agent of TGG) the number of reports received so far is insufficient. Does it make any sense ???

    I'll be back.....

  15. Some of the Leaders of The Gold Guarantee (TGG), were appointed by Song Teck since the inception of The Gold Guarantee (Singapore). New customers were put as the downlines of these in-house Leaders for them to overide commissions and/or management fees. In a meeting in Mar 2012, Lee Song Teck said one leader earned S$9000 a month, double his salary in his earlier job. But now things happen in TGG, the in-house Leaders blamed Lee Song Teck as liar and claimed they are as innocent as the customers or agents. Some were still hanging a smile in their face when looking at the agents or customers who were stuck in the delimma.

    It is hard to believe Lee Song Teck startedd the company out to cheat. I have this benefit of doubt that he is stuck in his delimma as things were not in his control. He is also frustrated. So he chosed to 'take the moeny and run' (quoted from the SMS of a in-house leader). Sincerely hope that he will be back soon to clarify the matter.

  16. ACRA should set higher registration capital for these problematic trades. In addition, they need to have at least 2 or more guarantors to guarantee the boss/directors/CEO will not run embelzz the fund, run away with the money, or have too many complaints of unethical pratices.

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  18. I am receiving the allianz capital holding call for buying my timeshare. Is it scammed? Anyone success to get back their money?

  19. I received a call from Allianz Capital Holdings claiming they can buy back my TS at a good price. They are located at
    3 Shenton, 08-09A Shenton House. Anyone actually been to meet them? I think it's a scam.

  20. I'm wondering about Allianz too. Can anyone share any experience with them, please help?

  21. I had went to see Mohan last night. Same saying above that I need to swap a credit card for a payment of S$12000 in 36months instalment. By 6 months when I receive a cheque for S$65000, I pay him 10% commission and went over the bank near shenton house, to repay the balance 30 months instalment in full or choose to continue paying until end of 36 months. Nett net I got back S$53000 by getting rid of my TS. Not bad and almost fall for it.

    I counter offer that they pay the S$12000 outfront and when I get my S$65000, I pay him $12000 plus additional as I am desparate to get rid of my TS.

    This buy me time to think through and this is where I read all these feedback. I am so lucky.

    Anyone genuinely know how to get rid of timeshare and had succeeded? Plse share if there is one.

  22. Allianz capital holdings total scam. Pls do not deal with this company. Period. Frm Case Mr Seah there are no succesful refunds or recovery of timeshare products. Treated as lesson learnt. Authorities will soon raid these companies. Pls google in, reviewstalk n Complainsboard for for mre details.

    Total scam. Period!!!

  23. Thanks for the advice.

    But I am paying yearly maintainence. When come to exchange for a holiday, this resort not available or timing is not right or have to stay at 1 location for 7 nights when the country is big. How to go attraction and keep coming back to the resort every night?

    Really want to get rid of it. With google and internet, I can travel with ease and cheap without this timeshare burden.


    1. Hi anonymous,

      Timeshare can be getting rid of or in a way terminated but no recovery of ur product im sorry. And this is from CASE spore from Mr Seah..Do drop me ur email address and i get back to u asap for the proper termination fr yr TS. But there will be fees for this Termination services n process.

    2. You motherfucking scammer...dun try to scam others here. What fucking fees you referring to? Fees to feed your drug addiction and your hair-brain con schemes? LOL!!! MORON!!!

    3. @The Avengers SHIELD, you better not be the one pocketing the fees for the Termination service and process. Other visitors, please be cautious divulging your emails to strangers. Admin will not be responsible.

  24. Many timeshare owners have ben called out of the blue and told that the market is "hot! for their timeshares and have a buyer waiting to purchase their unwanted timeshare.

  25. Timeshares can be a terrific purchase for some families, as they also can be a giant rip off for others. 50 years ago, also known as Holiday Home Sharing or timeshare travel timeshares were created with the idea of offering fully furnished accommodations for a lower price than a full-time ownership.

  26. Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims oftimeshare fraud while vacationing in Mexico. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.

  27. Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims oftimeshare fraud while vacationing. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.

  28. To avoid getting taken advantage of by a [url= ]timeshare scam[/url], it is important that you take your time when considering a purchase of this magnitude. Do not purchase without doing research on the company and its developers. Check to see if the developers have completed any other projects, and what their reputation is like for customer service. Ask to speak with some of their timeshare owners so that you can get a sense of the real experience you may have with the timeshare.

  29. I went to a timeshare presentation before, and thanks God i was smart enough to not fall into their lies. I realize quickly that all they want is our money, and they are going to say everything to make you sign the contract.
    My advice is that everyone has to be very well informed about their hard selling tactics to avoid being scammed. I recommend you to read
    this article that might be helpful for everyone who is thinking on buying a timeshare, here you'll find some tips: